International Joint Symposium on Computational Science March 3-7, 2008 Kanazawa


International Joint Symposium on Computational Science will be held from March 3 to 7, 2008 at Kanazawa University in Japan.


The goal of this conference is to bring together scientists from Kanazawa University and Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia, to promote future collaborations between two universities.


The conference will cover current research in computational mathematics, physics, chemistry and other related areas.


The conference is the second joint symposium on computational science between Kanazawa University and Institut Teknologi Bandung.

The first conference was held in Bandung from December 3 to 4, 2007.



LocationIncubation Center 1F, Seminar Room

          Kanazawa University, Japan 


Start DateMarch 3, 2008


Close Date:March 7, 2008



           Part 1: Mathematics,

                   Morning, March 4


                   Part 2: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science

       Afternoon, March 4,

                   March 6-7




Monday, March 3


Opening Ceremony at Incubation Center, Kanazawa University




Part 1 Program


Tuesday, March 4


9:00  Opening


9:10  [4A1] Kenichi Kawagoe

         On limits of the polynomial invariants of knots and links


9:40  [4A2] Tatsuro Ito

         Algebraic combinatorics: a personal overview


10:10 [4A3] Paul Terwilliger

          Tridiagonal pairs and the quantum affine algebra $U_q(\widehat{sl}_2)$


10:40--10:50 Break


10:50 [4A4] Atsushi Kasue

          Compactifications of infinite graphs and p-Dirichlet energy


11:20 [4A5] Invited Talk

          Edy T. Baskoro,

          Ramsey numbers, graph labelings and degree/diameter problems.

          the application on information security.


12:00 End of morning session



Part 2 Program


Tuesday, March 4


14:00  [4P1] Invited Talk:

           Mahasena Putra,

           Population Synthesis of Cataclysmic Variable Stars


14:40  [4P2] Invited Talk:


           Heat flow control system using intelligence algorithm


15:20  End of session



Thursday, March 6


 9:30 [6A1] Mineo Saito,

   Quantum Mechanical Simulation of Electronic Structures

            of Defects in Carbon Materials


10:00  [6A2] Fumiyuki Ishii,

           First-principles Simulation of Ferroelectrics


10:30-10:40  Break


10:40  [6A3] Koji Nakamura,

           Long-term Dynamics of Insects Populations

           under Different Climate Conditions in Indonesia


11:20  [6A4] Christopher Yanto,

           Beetle (Coleoptera) Assemblages at Four Different

           Habitats in Mount Tangkuban Parahu Area, West Java-Indonesia


11:35  [6A5] Indah Trisnawati,

           Diversity and Structure of Above-ground Arthropod Assemblages

           During the Restoration of Satoyama in Kanazawa, Japan


11:50  [6A6] Ida Kinasih,

           Composition and Structure of Litter and Soil Macrofauna

           Communities in Satoyama Region in Kanazawa, Japan


12:05  [6A7] Ramadhani Eka Putra,

           Changes of Local Pollination Ecology

           during Restoration of Satoyama System


12:20- Lunch Break


Afternoon Session


14:00- [6P1] Kazue Tazaki and Siti Khodijah Chaerun,

            Heavy oil spill accidents in Japan, Korea and Indonesia:

            International joint project between Kanazawa University

           and Bandung Institute Technology.


14:40  [6P2] Invited Talk


           The Research Road Map of Physics of Electronics

           and Materials, Research Group of ITB


Break 15:20-15:40


15:40  [6P3] Tatsuki Oda,

           First-principles Molecular Dynamics Method

           with Noncollinear Magnetism


16:10  [6P4] Akihiko Hosokawa,

           Development of fully relativistic pseudopotentials and

           application to the sixth-row elements of the periodic table


16:25  [6P5] Masahito Tsujikawa,

           Electronic structures and magnetic anisotropies

           of thin iron films on platinum surfaces


16:40  End of Session



Friday, March 7


 9:30  [7A1] Masahide Sato,

           Instabilities of Steps on a Vicinal Face


10:00  [7A2] Shinichi Miura,

           Chemical Processes in the Superfluid Helium


10:30-10:50 Break


10:50 [7A3] Kiyoshi Nishikawa,

          Reviews on the quantum control of molecular system


11:20- [7A4] Acep Purqon,

            Measuring Disordered degree in Shape Fluctuation of

            Few Correlated Phospholipids


11:35 [7A5] Noriyoshi Ohta,

          Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Polyimide Gel


11:50- Lunch Break


Afternoon session:


14:00  [7P1] Invited Talk

           Muhamad A. Martoprawiro,

           Ab initio Quantum Chemical Study of the Thermal

           Decomposition of Aromatic Substituted N-acylhydrazones

           and N-thioacylhydrazones


14:40  [7P2] Kazunaka Endo,

           Spectral Simulation of Carbon Allotropes


15:10  [7P3] Tomonori Ida, 

           Theoretical Auger spectra of molecule by two-electron

           propagator method


15:40  End of session




Organizing Committee

Prof. Hajime Ishida (The Dean of Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology)

Prof. Shintaro Nakao (The Dean of Faculty of Science)

Prof. Juhachi Oda (The Dean of Faculty of Technology)

Prof. Mineo Saito (The Dean of Department of Computational Science)

Prof. Hidemi Nagao

Prof. Seiro Omata

Associate Prof. Masako Takasu

Mr. Acep Purqon

Associate Prof. Akhmaloka (The Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science)

Associate Prof. Mahasena Putra (Astronomy)

Prof. Edy Tri Baskoro (Mathematics)

Associate Prof. Muhamad A. Martoprawiro (Chemistry)

Associate Prof. Suprijadi (Physics)


Local Committee

Prof. Mineo Saito (The Dean of Department of Computational Science)

Prof. Kiyoshi Nishikawa (Computational Science; Chemistry)

Prof. Hidemi Nagao (Computational Science; Chemistry)

Prof. Seiro Omata (Computational Science; Mathematics)

Prof. Koji Nakamura (Biology)

Prof. Kazue Tazaki (Earth Science)

Prof. Kazunaka Endo (Chemistry)

Associate Prof. Masako Takasu (Computational Science; Physics)

Associate Prof. Tatsuki Oda (Computational Science; Physics)

Associate Prof. Shin-ichi Miura (Computational Science; Physics)

Associate Prof. Masaharu Nagayama (Computational Science; Mathematics)

Associate Prof. Tomonori Ida (Chemistry)

Assistant Prof. Fumiyuki Ishii (Computational Science; Physics)

Mr. Acep Purqon (Computational Science)